At Mallplaza we are continually seeking to boost the value proposition in key categories for people and to incorporate new uses that are complementary to the retail and brands expected in each market. Thus, we have created new propositions, incorporating new stores and services, which reflects tenants' interest in being in our urban centers, in addition to continually seeking to offer the best proposition according to our customers' needs.

In this way, we have been capable of maintaining the attraction of our urban centers and bringing in international retailers like Ikea, H&M and Decathlon, which are expanding their presence in Mallplaza to reach new markets, as is the case with Ikea in Colombia and Chile. We have also incorporated new tenants that have migrated to our urban centers looking for high-flow spaces with an attractive value proposition.

Today we have a differential value in the industry, with new infrastructure and capacities. Because of this, we are consolidating our position as a logistics hub that is fundamental to the delivery strategies of retail, groceries and foods & beverages. These multiple reasons for visiting make each retailer and activity in particular connect with higher visitor flows, increasing the appeal of being part of our proposition.

distribution of Gross Leasable Area