We enable skills for social development

At Mallplaza we seek to generate opportunities for the autonomous development of each of our stakeholders, through the promotion of entrepreneurship, culture and inclusion.

Incentives related to local relations 

Incentives related to local relations: Mallplaza defined incentives related to local relations for Management and Assistant Managers. The KPI associated with meeting the goal of the regional ESG survey has a weight of 20% for the Corporate Affairs Management and Sustainability Deputy Management and 10% for the Prosecutor. It is important to note that this KPI is linked to the annual monetary bonus, in addition to generating a relevant impact and forming a key part of our ESG strategy. Mallplaza's KPI methodology includes the marketing of the goals from the management level, which implies that non-executive employees of the corporate affairs and operations departments include the ESG survey KPI in their performance evaluations.

Workforce Diversity

Regional consolidated hiring, leavers and turnover rate*

*The table found on page 240 of the Integrated Report 2023 is republished, since typing errors were found after its publication.


Female leadership 

Number of female employees per position

Senior Management Management Chief Operator Sales Force Administrative Assistant Other professionalsOther technicians Total 
 2 42 50 0 36 18 3 207 0 358

Details of the information on pages 85-87, 235 and 139 of the 2023 Integrated Report.


Average years employed by the company

Considering the period 2021 to 2023, Mallplaza in 2023 underwent an administrative and financial restructuring process that involved all areas of the Company in a transversal manner, given the need to rationalize costs and staffing of the company, defining a new structure and staffing that would allow us to meet and achieve the goals and requirements necessary to meet the objectives of our commercial business. 

On the other hand, in the same 3-year period, Mallplaza has not undergone any major mergers or acquisitions that could have negatively affected our employees.

In addition, Mallplaza during 2023 was not affected by strikes, work stoppages and/or closures by employees.

Salary per employee:
CLP : $3.057.506
USD: 3.486

People Analytics Tools

We have a Corporate People Analytics team (Grupo Falabella) that aims to transform the way we manage people by making decisions based on data. This area manages through a “Corporate Data Lake” that seeks the standardization of concepts, forecasts future talent needs, classifications and groupings for Grupo Falabella, as well as the democratization of information through secure and governed access to corporate data. 

The People Analytics team defines, measures and tracks corporate KPIS, facilitating guidelines and unification of standards. They generate analysis and deliver insights for management regarding issues such as Performance Evaluation, Culture Survey, Staffing, Mobility, among others, providing support in local analysis, according to the needs of each business. The reports are made available in “dashboards” format so that they can be easily consulted by businesses and stakeholders.

Training and development

(Original table in the Integrated Report page 245)


(Original table in the Integrated Report page 244)

Regional average annual training hours: 6,66 


Opportunities for entrepreneurs

Plaza Emprende
In Mallplaza we have been strengthening entrepreneurship for more than 10 years through the Plaza Emprende Program, which aims to be a space for training, marketing and growth for our community of entrepreneurs who are in different stages of development.

One of the tools we have is the Plaza Emprende Portal, where entrepreneurs can register and access training opportunities, marketing spaces and visibility of alliances that positively impact the development of their entrepreneurship, always with a focus on manufacturing products. 

Regarding commercialization spaces, we have different business models, such as fairs, modules and collaborative stores, spaces where entrepreneurs have the possibility to enter for free and scale up to a social rate, with a discount on the commercial value of the space.


Culture of all for all

We implement an annual Culture Survey to identify the overall experience of employees, obtaining indicators of climate, engagement, eNPS, and leadership, among others. The 2023 results showed that one of Mallplaza's strengths is the possibility of learning new things; the autonomy provided by the leaders is highly valued in the teams, as well as the clarity of the strategy and the role of each employee in it.

Regarding the management of results, these are disseminated to the teams through their respective leaders by means of a cascade communication, which allows the involvement and participation of all employees who are part of Mallplaza. Also, the latter have to implement various action plans associated with their results, through initiatives that can be developed with their teams to address gaps or opportunities for improvement that arise from the conclusions obtained.

In addition, every year we conduct the SSIndex survey that allows us to compare the satisfaction and knowledge of our employees in relation to the employees of the rest of the companies in the world. Our high favorability indexes make us worthy of the SSIndex employees seal. This seal is awarded to companies with a percentage above 75% and 70% employee participation in the survey.

At Mallplaza we have several alliances with educational institutions in order to promote the development of programs that contribute to the professional training of our employees. One of the alliances is with Políglota, with whom employees can take English courses according to their levels free of charge. On the other hand, we work with Karimca Capacitación, where employees can take Excel classes at the level determined by a test they take beforehand. We also have an alliance with Udemy, where we have a certain number of licenses available that are granted according to criteria to some of the company's employees. Finally, it should be noted that all Falabella Group units, including Mallplaza, have the BUK platform available to all employees, a tool for the management of team learning with which we try to promote the self-management of each employee with regard to their training, with this platform available where you can find various types of courses and content. In addition, we made available to our employees an upskilling plan, with synchronous courses, called “Lets GO”, which gave access to all those interested in having the opportunity to acquire a language or improve the level of those employees who were interested and met the requirements of seniority and age. Finally, we developed an online self-learning platform with more than 7,300 courses, with diverse content such as: cloud computing, development, digital marketing, cybersecurity, data science, it certifications, leadership, team management, communication, strategy, design thinking, emotional intelligence, finance, stress management, anxiety management, language learning, wellness and mindfulness, among others.



Part of our commitment to provide welfare to our employees lies in contributing to an improvement in their quality of life from different areas, both work and personal, including their families. In this sense, we carry out a permanent accompaniment through different instances, online activities, study programs and discussions, in addition to making available to each of them a comprehensive proposal of benefits and compensation at a transversal level, divided into three types:

  • Corporate Benefit: Those that each of our collaborators has for being part of our company. This benefit applies to all collaborators who have a labor contract of more than 30 hours per week. 
  • Agreements and discounts: Applied for various products and services in categories such as health, gastronomy, travel and tourism, among others. This benefit applies to all employees.
  • Flexible benefits: System for redeeming points for days off applicable to categories such as family, healthy living, procedures and free time. This benefit applies to all employees who have a labor contract of more than 30 hours per week.


Best place to work
In March 2024, we obtained the Equidad CL 2023 Certification as one of the best places to work for LGBTIQ+ talent, by Human Rights Campaign, Fundación Iguales and Pride Connection Chile. In addition, we were awarded category A as part of Pride Connection's radiography: diagnosis on diversity and inclusion with a focus on sexual and gender diversity, which aims to detect gaps and opportunities for improvement in the management of processes and initiatives in each organization.