A proposal with new brands, services and categories

photo of Fernando de pena

Our urban centers are city center hubs that offer many reasons for visiting them, which attracts visitors, business partners and sellers.

Sales growth 21 above those of the first quarter of 2019 and 24 above in same store sales) and the return of visitors to Mallplaza ratify the return to fully normal trading and are the best evidence that our value proposal has strengthened in response to people’s current requirements This is evidenced by growing interest from new brands to join our retail proposal, and the brands that have already chosen us are expanding their plans, which builds a virtuous relationship of mutual growth For example H&M will add 13 stores to our urban centers, reaching a total of 19 stores across the region and IKEA, the largest furniture retailer in the world, which will add 3 stores at a regional level in our malls In addition, the incorporation of attractive and valued brands such as Decathlon, Casaideas TheLine and Tricot, among others.

Today Mallplaza is becoming a preferred destination This means we can push visitor flows upwards, develop a cutting edge omni channel proposal and a retail proposal enriched with the best retailers Our ability to take advantage of the opportunities created by the pandemic has been vital, as has developing a diversified and high value mix of business partners As a result, we had already reached an occupancy rate of 93 by the end of March.

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The solidity of our omni channel strategy has helped us to generate new services and infrastructures, to strengthen our business partners' sales, to add value to the visitor experience and to consolidate our position as a logistics hub while taking advantage of all the opportunities of being part of one of the largest retail ecosystems in the region For example our Pit Stop and Click & Collect capacity, which together delivered 1 5 million orders last year These achievements have led to our recognition as leaders of the shopping center category in the Omnichannel Index Chile 2022 prepared by Kawésqar Lab.

These opportunities have been provided by the ecosystem, together with growth that is embedded in our DNA Accordingly, we have resumed work on Mallplaza Cali in Colombia, which will add 67 000 ㎡ to the company's gross leasable area with a great fashion proposal based on national and international brands such as Inditex ( Berskha Pull&Bear Stradivarius), IKEA’s first store in Cali and the second in Colombia, H&M, Decathlon, Homecenter and Cinemark.

Finally, we are developing an innovative entertainment and gastronomic proposal at Mallplaza Vespucio with a sociable emphasis that is unique in the industry It includes an innovative 1 000 ㎡ area dedicated to gamers Cinemark cinemas that are being renovated and expanded with an IMAX screen, plus new climbing walls and entertainment, together with a tremendous gastronomic proposal with a Gastronomic Market, terraces that are being remodeled and expanded, while new fast casual cafes and a sweet zone are being added with more than 120 gastronomic proposals and high value entertainment Mallplaza's growth plans include continually adding new categories and reasons to visit our urban centers An example of them is the development of 2 Padel court complexes in Mallplaza Oeste and Mallplaza Arica.

photo of mjeaccionistas

In addition to the developing residential rental projects at Mallplaza Norte and Mallplaza Vespucio and we have completed a cowork proposal with more tan 12 000 ㎡occupying areas that have been adapted to meet the requirements of visitors, in order to attract visitor flow and generate new alliances During 2022 we will advance with cowork proposals at Mallplaza Tobalaba Mallplaza Oeste, Mallplaza Egaña Mallplaza Vespucio Mallplaza Los Dominicos and our urban centers in Chile, followed by Peru and Colombia.

These additions will strengthen our urban centers as places that meet people’s requirements, and where they can live, study, work and have fun.

Fernando de Peña Iver
Chief Executive Officer of Plaza S.A.

* Result Delivery Report 1Q2022